What is BoatSeeker.com?

BoatSeeker.com is a powerful resource for watercraft builders, marine dealers, marinas, brokers and the boating public.  BoatSeeker.com provides Internet advertising for anyone wanting to sell any type of watercraft.  Through our advertising program encompassing direct mail, billboards, print and radio, we bring buyers to our customers.   

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Individuals or Commercial Accounts
BoatSeeker.com can help you find a boat...
By providing access to builder and dealer information, we provide a convenient method for finding that watercraft you're looking for.  Search for your boat by manufacturer and/or watercraft type.  Look at builders' websites to learn about options and construction methods.  Find out where their dealers are located.  See what services the dealers offer.
Or sell a boat! 
We'll carry your ad until the product sells or for a maximum of 9 months.

Sell your boat more quickly by providing potential buyers with a complete description and photo.  Using BoatSeeker.com you're not limited to an unrealistic number of words or letters, nor are you restricted to a newspaper's geographic coverage.  Just click on "Sell Your Boat" and enter the information directly onto our site.  Email us the photo or send us a hard copy.  We'll add it to your listing.  You have control of your listing's content through a username/password that you select.


Commercial Advertisers
Builders, Dealers, Marinas and Brokers

We know that if you don't already have a Website, you'll probably be developing one soon enough.  So the question you have is, "Why advertise on BoatSeeker.com?"  The answer is simple, "to leverage the investment you made in your own Website".  BoatSeeker.com advertises extensively through direct mail, billboards, radio and print.  When you advertise with us, we provide pointers to your site for our visitors.  If you don't have a Website, we provide them with more than enough information to allow them to contact you.


We contact marine related businesses and advertise to the public through direct mail, billboard, print and radio.  Visitors will find your ad through our search engine in any number of ways.  Advertise on BoatSeeker.com and we'll route boat buyers to your website.  No website, no problem.  You can use BoatSeeker.com to present your products with photos and services offered.  You can even list all of your sales and service locations.   

Marine Related Businesses
Harbor Hop is for you!
If you own a marine related business and would like to draw visitors to your Website, consider advertising on Harbor Hop.  On Harbor Hop we will place your logo with a tag line and a "hot link" to your Website.   If you would like to advertise on "Harbor Hop" or would like additional information, please contact us.  Our phone number is 636-519-9564.

BoatSeeker.com is establishing relationships with advertising companies, printers, and publishers. Whether you have a marine related publication or are looking to build one, we want to work with you.  For more information contact us at 636-519-9564 or Email BSK@Boatseeker.com.

Thank you for visiting BoatSeeker.com!

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